Connected Asset Management

The end-to-end IIoT asset management solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Integrated Asset Condition Performance

CoGo’s cloud-based IoT solutions enable companies to exceed plant uptime goals through the power of

predictive maintenance 


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The Native Asset Management System For
Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connected Assets = Connected Customers

CoGo sensors automatically connect to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and remove the headaches of bolt-on  software. Harness the power of a next-gen EAM/CMMS and leverage the benefits of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Built for Microsoft Azure
with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

The first IoT connected asset management solution for Business Central EAM.

Connect your assets with our predictive maintenance sensors and go.

A shop-floor-enabled predictive maintenance engine.

The first end-to-end smart asset management solution using Business Central.

Comprehensive set of analytics and business intelligence reporting.

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CoGo Is The All-In-One EAM Solution

Through low-cost wireless sensors, long-range wireless networks and an innovative software platform, we help asset intensive industry leaders optimize performance and drive their asset management strategy to the next level.

There Are Countless Reasons Why Asset Intensive Industry Leaders Choose CoGo

Here Are Just a Few...

We Focus On Our Customers
Service is at the heart of what we do, and we dedicate ourselves to our customers, problems and products. We strive to connect with our clients personally so we can help them achieve their targets and find the right solutions to solve their issues.
We’re Committed to Wellness
At CoGo, we think of ourselves as ‘wellness stewards’, creating and existing in healthy ecosystems for body, mind and business. We pursue truly reformative operational, financial and human outcomes – all in a sustainable manner.
We Stand By Our Values
CoGo is built on integrity, accountability and respect. We show up how we want the world to react to us and we never compromise on our belief system. Whatever we do and whatever we’re trying to achieve, it’s done in the right way at all times.
We’re Master Craftspeople
Every member of the CoGo team lives in asset intensive industries and gets out of bed in the morning to help companies unlock the power of place. We understand, design, build and use the products we sell – and we’ll never stop innovating.
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So If You’re Finally Ready To:

Maximize The Potential of Predictive Maintenance…

Make Your Business Smarter, Safer, Greener & More Profitable…

Benefit From a Transformative Approach To Asset Management…

& Finally Unlock The Power of Place…

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