How to Achieve Operational Excellence in Maintenance? Learn CoGo’s Framework

In today’s competitive business landscape, achieving operational excellence in maintenance is a critical goal for asset-intensive industries like mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing. The impact of operational excellence extends beyond just the organization’s efficiency and profitability; it also plays a significant role in influencing employee morale and satisfaction. In this blog post, we will […]

EAM and IoT In Business Central


[Video] CoGo and Dynaway: A Conversation with CoGo’s CEO about this Unique Partnership We invite you to watch CoGo’s CEO interview to learn about his background, the partnership between Dynaway and CoGo, and the journey they both have experience to improve and evolved their offering to meet the customers needs including the introduction of IoT […]

Understanding the Takt Time of Your Facility

How confident are you that you have your facility running at optimal efficiency?  Perhaps you’re considering using IoT technologies to improve the efficiency of your assembly processes but you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’ve already implemented a trial project but left disappointed with the lack of tangible gains to your business. Every […]

Choosing an IoT Platform: Three Key Questions You Need To Ask

It’s easy to get excited about IoT – but if you’re considering an IoT solution, it’s important to proceed with caution. Decisions should not be made based on an executive who went to a conference and bought into a sales pitch. There are a number of things you need to think about before committing to […]

IoT Project Failures: Why Companies Continue To Fall Short

IoT is undoubtedly a game-changing technology for asset-intensive companies. By gathering data from a range of assets and transmitting it to IT systems through long-range wireless networks, organizations can bring their people and equipment together in a way that optimizes efficiency, profitability, and performance. Connectivity has become key in recent years – and with IoT, […]

The Role of IoT In Manufacturing

In recent years, we’ve seen a noticeable shift across multiple sectors to a digital-first approach to doing business. The advancement and development of new technology has shown first-hand how organizations have found fresh, innovative ways of staying competitive – and none more so than in the manufacturing industry. Greater demand for custom products, rapidly rising […]

Sensemaking In IoT: Defining Which Data Is Important

Businesses and organizations that fully harness the power of IoT have been able to realize the true digital transformation.  One of the biggest challenges that companies face in turning the potential of this technology into a business-impacting reality is how to manage, store, analyze and action the data that IoT systems generate. How do you […]