How CoGo Eliminates Communication Challenges For Mining Companies

For our clients in the mining sector, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is all about keeping things connected. So, by providing a centralized system for tracking and managing complex assets, CoGo facilitates much more than just sensor-to-software communication. Our connected solution brings people and equipment together, helping to build coordinated, collaborative teams that work together seamlessly.

Empowering Teams with Real-Time Data for Better Asset Management

Our mining clients often have diverse workforces that are spread across large sites – and they may even have managers, engineers and safety specialists working remotely. This physical distance (not to mention factors such as noisy work environments and occupational hazards!) creates unique communication challenges.

If you’re working in the mining sector, chances are you already know that tracking, monitoring and maintaining complex (and often seriously expensive!) assets and equipment is a top priority. These days, time-consuming and error-prone manual tracking methods like spreadsheets or paper-based systems just don’t cut it. By creating gaps in communication, these out-dated methods often saw multiple people scrambling to get their hands on the same information.

Centralized System for Tracking and Managing Complex Assets

So, when it comes to maintaining complex assets, CoGo knows that knowledge-sharing is the backbone of effective communication and optimized operations. By empowering teams with real-time data, CoGo helps to bridge communication gaps and eradicate opportunities for misunderstandings.

CoGo makes sure that the right people get the right information – exactly when it’s needed. By providing detailed data about current asset conditions as well as where and how they’re being used in real-time, there’s no communication delay between general managers, maintenance technicians and project planners.

CoGo provides a centralized system for tracking a wide range of asset information – including locations, conditions, maintenance history, depreciation and more – allowing all stakeholders to tap into a vast knowledge-sharing hub on the go. When everyone’s on the same page, people can make informed decisions and expedite responses and repairs. The result? Asset performance is maximized and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Real-Time Data for Proactive Maintenance

With CoGo’s real-time monitoring of asset conditions, our mining clients can embrace preventative maintenance as opposed to prescriptive solutions when something goes wrong. This transforms employee communication from reactive to proactive. When teams are planning ahead instead of constantly putting out fires, communication becomes more clear and efficient – and operations do too.

Intuitive Reporting Tools for Efficient Business, Process, and Safety Decisions

Finally, CoGo gives mine managers deep insight into their assets and organizations – whether they’re on the field or working remotely. Managers all need a finger on the pulse of the day-to-day runnings of their site, but often waste time getting hold of this information. CoGo’s intuitive reporting tools directly give them the data they need to make more efficient business, process, and safety decisions.

The bottom line is, seamless and up-to-the-minute knowledge-sharing optimizes mining operations and boosts our clients’ competitive edge. With CoGo’s all-in-one maintenance management solution, mining companies can build a watertight communication infrastructure that gets everyone the information they need – right when they need it.

Does that sound like something that could help your organization? Great – just get in touch with the CoGo team to schedule a demo with us today!