Maintenance Technician

Get to Work Quickly

CoGo gives you easy access to your work orders on your device wherever you are. Through an all-in-one maintenance management solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily view your daily maintenance tasks, update your work status, and even receive new assignments directly to your device.

Maintenance Technicians Need Support with Asset Management

With hazardous conditions and long working hours, asset management in asset-intensive industries isn’t easy, and the consequences of neglecting an asset maintenance plan can be dangerous for everyone. Truth is, technicians often identify issues, and struggle to report and address potential problems quickly and efficiently to avoid downtime or safety issues.


Average cost of each hour of unplanned downtime for mining companies


Number of hours large facilities lose each month to machine failures

1.2 Million

Hours lost each year for mining companies across the entire sector

$225 Billion

Total cost of machine failure for all mining companies in 2022

Optimize Maintenance, Efficiency & Performance

CoGo is an all-in-one maintenance management solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central built with asset-intensive industries in mind. From improved budgeting to predictive maintenance, we help companies meet their asset management goals.

Role Center

We create individual roles within Dynamics 365 Business Central that are solely focused on the needs of maintenance technicians – simple and clean interface that is easy to use and understand.

Work Orders

View personal work orders and requests in a single click. Understand what you need to do today, as well as the hours and tools that've been assigned to you.

Access Anywhere

Workspaces can be accessed on tablets and smartphones, so maintenance technicians can take their enterprise asset management system with them all the time.

Simple Interface

CoGo is an intuitive platform that makes maintenance technicians' daily workload easier through a user-friendly and highly-visual dashboard and display.

If You’re in an Asset-Intensive Industry and