How to Turbo-Charge Your Work Order Process in Microsoft D365 Business Central

9 Ways to Accelerate Efficiently and Effectively Your Work Order Process

In the fast-paced world of asset-intensive organizations, maintenance managers are constantly faced with the challenge of streamlining work order processes to meet tight deadlines and budgets. Manual and cumbersome work order management can lead to delayed tasks, miscommunication, and increased stress for maintenance teams. However, there’s good news for maintenance managers looking to enhance their work order management capabilities. CoGo for Microsoft D365 Business Central is here to turbo-charge the way you handle work orders, making them faster, better, and stress-free.

  1. Bill of Materials (BOM) Field

With CoGo for Microsoft D365 Business Central, you can have the bill of materials right in the work order. This field allows you to access lists of equipment spare parts effortlessly. By maintaining complete and accurate BOMs, you benefit from improved part identification, increased maintenance efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced labor productivity. Knowing the spare parts associated with the work order enables your team to plan better and execute tasks without delays due to missing components.

  1. Mobile Work Order Accessibility

Gone are the days of struggling with a clunky view to process work orders. CoGo’s mobile capabilities empower your maintenance team to access work orders directly from their smartphones or tablets. This mobile accessibility allows them to be on the move while staying connected to the tasks at hand. Whether they are on-site or in transit, your team can keep work orders updated and respond promptly to any changes or emergencies.

  1. Multimedia Attachment Capability

Enhance your work order documentation by adding multimedia attachments like pictures, videos, and documents. These media additions provide comprehensive documentation of completed work, aiding in dispute resolution, and generating better insights for future maintenance tasks. With visual references at their fingertips, your team can address issues accurately and efficiently.

  1. Real-Time Updates on Hours and Expenses

CoGo simplifies the process of updating work orders with real-time tracking of hours and expenses. This feature ensures that your team’s efforts and associated costs are accurately recorded, streamlining the overall billing process, and providing better visibility into project costs.

  1. Counter-Based Maintenance

For assets that require maintenance based on counters such as time, distance, or temperature indicators, CoGo has gotten you covered. The system can recommend when to schedule the next maintenance task based on these readings, helping you proactively manage asset health and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  1. Pre, Peri, and Post Work Order Checklists

Work order checklists are crucial for organized and efficient task completion. CoGo allows you to create comprehensive checklists for each work order, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken, and no crucial details are overlooked. These checklists serve as a guide for your team, leading to better execution and reduced chances of errors.

  1. Integrated Work Order Permits

Safety is paramount in asset-intensive industries, and CoGo acknowledges this with integrated work order permits. A work permit is attached to each work order, containing essential safety conditions that must be met before the maintenance work can commence. By having this integrated process, everyone involved is informed when the work permit is approved, ensuring that work is only carried out under safe conditions.

  1. Efficient Tool Crib Management

CoGo’s Tool Crib functionality simplifies tool management for both maintenance and production departments. Easily keep track of tools, their condition, and usage with seamless registration of tool handouts and returns. Also, any malfunctioning tools can be flagged for repair through the creation of a repair work order, ensuring that your team has access to properly functioning tools.

  1. Skill-Based Qualifications and Certifications

Avoid delays caused by unskilled personnel picking up work orders by specifying necessary qualifications and certifications directly within the work order. CoGo allows you to state the required skills, ensuring that only qualified individuals are assigned to each task.

Boost Work Order Processes with CoGo for Microsoft D365 Business Central

As a maintenance manager, optimizing your work order process is essential for meeting deadlines, controlling costs, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of your team. That’s why we offer a comprehensive solution to streamline work order management, providing features such as mobile accessibility, multimedia attachment capabilities, integrated safety permits, and skill-based qualifications – all within an all-in-one maintenance management solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Excited to experience the power of CoGo for Microsoft D365 Business Central? Schedule a demo with us today at and take the first step towards turbo-charging your work order process!