How to Achieve Operational Excellence in Maintenance? Learn CoGo’s Framework

In today’s competitive business landscape, achieving operational excellence in maintenance is a critical goal for asset-intensive industries like mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing. The impact of operational excellence extends beyond just the organization’s efficiency and profitability; it also plays a significant role in influencing employee morale and satisfaction. In this blog post, we will dive into CoGo’s framework, which we recommend to our customers to achieve operational excellence.

The Impact of Operational Excellence in Maintenance

Operational excellence has profound effects on both business drivers and employee drivers. Let’s take a closer look at each:

Business Drivers:

  • Improved Planned and Scheduled Maintenance: Efficient maintenance schedules are vital to ensuring equipment reliability and minimizing unexpected downtime. By staying ahead of maintenance needs, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and reduce costly disruptions.
  • Uptime Improvements: Maximizing equipment uptime directly correlates with increased productivity and overall operational efficiency. Organizations that prioritize uptime are better equipped to meet deadlines and maintain a competitive edge. Ensuring your equipment runs when required is a major component in hitting production goals.
  • Longevity and Safety of Equipment: Embracing proactive maintenance practices not only extends the lifespan of equipment but also fosters a safe working environment for employees. Every company encounters capital constraints at some point. Our clients are used to cyclical markets and plan to maximize the value of equipment by extending its useful life through preventative and proactive maintenance.
  • Optimized Asset Performance: Operational excellence empowers organizations to extract the maximum potential from their assets, enhancing their performance and overall production. Understanding the utilization and performance of assets helps us choose the right tool for the job and maximize its performance.
  • Administrative Savings: Streamlined processes and efficient maintenance practices lead to reduced administrative overheads, allowing organizations to allocate resources more effectively. Are processes fully integrated, covering capital costs, expenses (internal and external), and labor?
  • Improved Inventory Levels: Accurate asset data and streamlined inventory management result in optimized inventory levels and reduced carrying costs. This not only improves cost-efficiency but also ensures the timely availability of critical resources. Stock only the parts needed, when needed, to reduce spending and unlock capital that may be tied up in slow-moving or obsolete inventory.

    Employee Drivers:

    • Operational excellence is a strategic imperative for Executives and Operations Managers. By leveraging Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology, they can:
      • Improve planned & scheduled maintenance
      • Create uptime improvements
      • Prolong the longevity and safety of equipment
      • Optimize asset performance
      • Save in administrative costs
      • Improve inventory levels
      • Up their skillset improving employee morale
    • Maintenance Managers play a pivotal role in driving operational excellence within organizations. By having access to accurate and timely information, they can:
      • Make data-driven decisions
      • Identify where to spend money most effectively
    • The expertise of Maintenance Technicians in preventing problems and their desire to make a real impact drive the pursuit of operational excellence. By empowering maintenance workers with better work order workflows, they can:
      • Prevent messes before they happen
      • Get information, not the runaround
      • Spend time working on the right things

    CoGo’s Framework to Achieving Operational Excellence

    Significant impact, right? So, how can you achieve operational excellence? We have been coaching our customers for years on our framework, which focuses on critical areas such as Maintenance & Reliability, Inventory & Stores, and Procurement & Payables. By prioritizing proactive maintenance, optimizing inventory management, and streamlining procurement processes, our customers have been able to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustained success.

    Operation Excellence Framework CoGo

    Maintenance is only one aspect of the key operational functions in asset-intensive industries. As the maturity of a maintenance function grows, it’s essential for other departments to mature simultaneously. After all, we cannot achieve operational excellence in maintenance unless we have the right goods and services (inventory & stores) in stock when we need to execute work. Similarly, we cannot have goods and services in stock and ready unless we have procured them correctly and paid for them on time (procurement & payables). Making sure these vital operational functions are performed at the same time is the key to achieving seamless efficiency and excellence across your organization.

    Building Trust through Accuracy and Reliability

    Operational excellence in maintenance is not an abstract concept; it’s a fundamental goal that shapes the success of organizations in asset-intensive industries. Our framework has served hundreds of teams to achieve operational excellence; however, it only works when there is trust in the accuracy and reliability of data, processes, and specifications. A committed team and reliable equipment form the foundation of this trust.

    With a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, our framework to operational excellence can help you exceed your operational goals and drive sustained success for your organization in the long term. Let’s connect to learn more about our role and how we can help you. You can schedule a personalized demo by emailing us at or clicking here.